Friday Favorite: Utopia Park

Today, I bring you my first ever “Friday Favorite,” in which I will highlight one of my favorite bands to play on my radio show. Without further ado, my official first “Friday Favorite” selection is Utopia Park from Fairfield, Iowa.

During the first few weeks of freshman year, I met a classmate named Dominic Rabalais. This fellow was undoubtedly the most enlightened, energetic, crazy, intense individual I had ever befriended. Through my work at the college radio station, I soon learned that he and his brother Phillip had a band together: Pornogalactica.

Utopia Park

Utopia Park perform at the KRUI Mission Creek Lounge in March 2011.

After finding their CD in the radio station’s library, I spent many an afternoon listening to the first song they ever wrote together, “Rearview Mirror,” on repeat.

Nevertheless, Pornogalactica was a band with little temporal or spatial definition for me. The duo existed before I moved to a new state for college, I knew, and the group’s funeral was held whilst I spent the emergency room in a haze one night for an allergic reaction.

And then, out of nowhere, Utopia Park was born. And I couldn’t look away.

Though Dom eventually dropped out to tour, it was lovely getting to know him. He and Phil still visit and it is always just the best catching up with them about their latest tour shenanigans over mugs of diner coffee.

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