Monday is for Mumford’s


Ames, Iowa band Mumford's performs at KRUI.

One of my favorite Iowan bands has to be the Ames, Iowa collective Mumford’s. In 2010, they played live on my radio show, and I have been smitten ever since.

Under the careful leadership of guitarist/vocalist/trumpet player Nate Logsdon, the group creates songs that are simultaneously tragic and comedic. The horn/folk/dance band members embody the “do-it-yourself, do-it-all” spirit of college radio, running their own Maximum Ames Music Festival, The Space For Ames venue, and the Ames Progressive news blog. Mumford’s music explores a variety of religious themes while weaving narratives that always end in the discovery of a beautiful, new light.

So, I’m begging you. Beat the Monday blues with Mumford’s insanely upbeat and frenetic track “Father in the Sky.”

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