Monday is for Elephant Micah

Elephant Micah

Elephant Micah performs at a house show in Richmond, Indiana.

One artist whose career has absolutely been bolstered by college radio stations is the folk chanteur Elephant Micah, née Joe O’Connell.

Last September, the Indiana-based singer performed at WIUX’s Fall Kick-Off Concert in Bloomington, Indiana.

And this fall, he performed at KRUI’s first Low Frequency concert of the year. (I was more than a little starstruck; Elephant Micah is my number one most-played iTunes artist.)

Today, O’Connell has been writing and performing for nearly a decade, and these Midwestern college radio stations and others have helped promote him by giving his songs airplay and booking him for concerts.

In fact, he is able to tour to his heart’s content, despite the fact that he has no MySpace page, very few YouTube videos, and no major record label. (All he has is a bare bones webpage through which devoted fans can order physical copies of his music.)

Check out his “Spinning On Air” session recorded by WNYC, New York Public Radio.


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