Online Engagement and College Radio Stations


"I'm just looking at my favorite college radio station's website on my cool new computer. Aren't you jealous?"

In 2000, a survey done by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press found that people under 30 years of age were more likely than older folks to go online at least one time a week for news.

As Nathan said in my last post, college radio stations are currently evolving to catch up with the Internet age. For many stations, there are certainly financial and economic hurdles that get in the way of this goal.

But, Nathan also mentioned that college radio stations are taste-makers. Through free services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, Soundcloud, and more, college radio stations are able to “brand” themselves and market their services to a community that is much larger and physically farther away than their FM signal can reach.

A college radio station’s online presence is, of course, a secondary endeavor which accompanies its primary goal of keeping a radio station running 24/7.

But, if college radio stations create enough continuous online content that can engage with readers under 30 years of age, these stations will continue to act as taste-makers for the younger generation.

What are your thoughts on college radio station’s Internet presences? Do they engage with a wider audience, or are they just a distraction from the actual running of the station?

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