Monday is For: Joe Pug

Joe Pug

Joe Pug: Singer-Songwriter With a Purpose

Joe Pug seems to do everything with purpose. After experiencing an almost supernatural moment of clarity, the North Carolinian playwrighting student dropped out the day before his senior year of college and promptly moved to Chicago. Working as a carpenter by day and a singer-songwriter by night, he re-worked one of his unfinished plays into a folk record. Then, he began to tour as though he had no place to call home. And the rest is history.

One of my favorite touring musicians to interview, Joe Pug has visited our station many times over the past three years. In fact, he was my very first in-studio interview ever.  

Joe was even kind enough, along with The Englert Theatre, to allow KRUI to tape one of his small, intimate shows last fall.

Pug fully goes the extra mile in all that he does and, musically, he always commits: to filling up any performance space with his booming voice, to strumming his guitar with exuberance, and, most importantly, to writing music that needs to be written.

Listen to his masterpiece, “Hymn #101”:

3 responses to “Monday is For: Joe Pug

  1. I’ve not heard of him before, but I am v. excited to check him out! I think your blog is a GREAT resource for new music to add to my life :) So glad to have added you to my Google Reader :)

  2. Is the unedited audio from his show at The Englert available anywhere?

  3. I’m sorry, but there is not! Sorry to be so unhelpful.

    Thanks for reading!

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