Thanks from Campus Frequency


Happy Halloween & many thanks from Campus Frequency!

My heart is aflutter this week, and it’s not just because I am gearing up to be an owl for Halloween.

Rather, I’m very pleased to announce that Campus Frequency has gotten a little exposure this week!

  • Campus Frequency is now listed as a resource on, right here. I’d highly recommend utilizing their site if you are interested in breaking into the professional radio business.
  • BlogHer Network
  • 20 Something Bloggers

Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you a great resource for those looking for outstanding college radio stations: Topline Colleges gathered a list of the 12 Most Popular College Radio Stations. Thanks to Jennifer from Topline Colleges for sending the link my way. I’m sure all my readers will really enjoy the read!

Finally, I want to extend a most sincere, girly, squeal-y thanks to Elsie at the lovely DIY/craft/fashion blog A Beautiful Mess. I won her September Giveaway on my 21st birthday, which was completely magical! I am having a ball getting to shop at some of her sponsors’ great shops!

Have a great day, readers! Do you have any big plans for this Halloween weekend? What will you be listening to?

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