October: A Month in Photos

In the vein of Then Heather Said‘s “Wordless Wednesday” posts, I’d like to share with you a look back at my past month in photos. (Speaking of Heather, I will be contributing a post or two to her blog soon. Be on the look out!)

Without further ado, I give you my month in photos:


9/29: Working the door at "my" "birthday" show at a downtown basement venue.

Utopia Park

9/29: I drew illustrations about each band on the chalk walls of the venue...

bard & mustache

9/29: Florida-based duo Bard & Mustache perform.


10/12: Decorated a pumpkin for the station's contest!


10/12: Interviewed Fun in the studio, then photographed their afternoon semi-secret acoustic performance.


October 17: Recorded & photographed in-studio interview with Rubblebucket


10/21: Hosted remote broadcast of the university's homecoming parade with two other directors


10/22: Interview & Performance with American Dust on my radio show

Skye Carrasco

10/22: Interview & Performance with Skye Carrasco on my radio show

What have you been up to this month? (I sincerely hope that you had the good fortune of visiting a pumpkin patch, or maybe even an apple orchard.) Let me know in the comments!

3 responses to “October: A Month in Photos

  1. looks like you had an awesome month!

    • Also: What I’ve been up to this October:

      playing lots of scrabble
      putting together some jigsaw puzzles [what? you didn’t realize I was a bit grandmother-esque?]
      whining about the weather getting colder [as if this isn’t expected in NY]
      listening to old Matt & Kim and Mike Doughty, often
      homemade pizza and chocolate covered pumpkin truffles
      a few runs, a few yoga-ings, and, of course, not enough sleep [is there EVER enough sleep?]

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