International Communication & College Radio

World Map

Logical Next Step: College Radio Stations Communicating...Internationally

College radio stations exist all around the world.

While October’s College Radio Day was a wild success in the United States and the recent CMJ awards honored a lot of American college radio stations, I think college radio stations need to start collaborating and sharing their experiences on a more global level.

With so many stations developing their Internet presences these days, why aren’t American stations reaching out to organizations in places like Australia, Canada, & other countries? This seems like a logical next step. Though college radio stations are all governed by different broadcast regulations of their home countries, they are all playing a lot of the same music. And I’m sure we could learn a lot from each other in terms of station organization.

What are your thoughts on international communication in the college radio sphere? Did you ever catch a great college radio show when you were abroad?

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