Community Radio Stations

Lake at Kotamale, Sri Lanka

Lake at Kotamale, Sri Lanka

I’d like to take a little time out of our regularly scheduled college radio blog programming to talk about one of my personal research interests: community radio stations in developing places.

Why does this interest me? I am double majoring in journalism and international studies here at school. And journalism + international studies = community radio.

In underdeveloped places with low literacy rates, these stations serve hugely important purposes. At a very basic level, community radio stations broadcast public service announcements about sanitation, agriculture, natural disasters, and more to those who live in rural areas and don’t get much word of mouth news, are illiterate, etc.

Additionally, these stations preserve and further existing cultural and linguistic practices through their radio programming, outside events, and workshops.

Community radio stations give voice and pride to communities that, in many cases, don’t have other means of physically preserving their culture as a record.

Want an example? Check out Kothmale FM in Mawathura, Sri Lanka.

One response to “Community Radio Stations

  1. You should contact Jill Hopke at the University of Wisconsin. She has very similar research interests.

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