Health Communication, or, What DJs Mostly Eat

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! I hope you are home and enjoying the holidays. If I were dining with my fellow college radio staffers this week, our meal would probably consist of the following:

Papa Johns1. Papa John’s Pizza — For entirely mysterious, bureaucratic reasons the university will only let student organizations bring Papa John’s pizza into the student union (where our station is housed). Want to sneak in some (far superior) Domino’s? Off with your head! Trying to order your club some Pizza Hut on a university phone? How did you do manage to do that while your head was dismembered?

newmans2. Newman’s O’s Hint ‘O Mint (Organic?) Knock-Off Oreo Cookies — I truly do not understand what could possibly make off-brand Oreo cookies “organic,” but I digress. These are a staple at directorial meetings.

twizzlers3. Twizzlers — Nothing says “we take our job seriously” like an economy-size container of Twizzlers.

What food is in abundance at your meetings, college radio, student organization, or otherwise?


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