Live Blog: “Not Quite College Radio”

iprI don’t think I have previously mentioned on this blog that, in addition to my college radio work, I am also the assistant producer of a music program on Iowa Public Radio.

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This week, I thought it would be fun to do a little live blog to show you what my job entails.

  • 11:00 AM — Piano is delivered to the coffee shop venue we record in every week
  • 11:30 AM — I arrive, move around chairs, clear the stage, and attach the station’s banner to the wall
  • 12:00 PM — Band arrives
  • 12:30 PM — Load in Iowa Public Radio equipment while the university TV station loads in their equipment
  • 12:45 PM — Park van in university lot & return to the venue
  • 1:00 PM — Set up mics and stands for the band, which, in this week’s case, involved some minor dismantling of the piano
  • 1:30 PM — Sound check with band, host arrives
  • 1:45 PM — Host goes over the show format with the band members while I buy them coffee and distribute fliers to the audience
  • 2:00 PM — Record live promo spots, complete with audience participation! (This week it took two tries to get the 30 second spot just right.)
  • 2:05 PM — After a brief intro, this week’s band, the Eddie Piccard Jazz Quartet, starts off by performing “In A Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington. This song amuses me, as my uncle’s (somewhat legendary) high school band was called The Mellow Tones, a name which was inspired by this composition.
  • 2:10 PM — The host takes a few minutes to interview the band. They play each weekend at The Light House in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • 2:30 PM — Halfway point in the show
  • 3:00 PM — Show concludes
  • 3:30 PM — Pack up, load out
  • 4:00 PM — Return to station, put away equipment, extract audio to the computer syustem, mail CDs to artists of past shows, and go home.

Sounds like fun, right? Though my job does require a lot of heavy lifting (and I am a complete weakling), I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Last week we had a folk singer, this week we had a jazz act, and next week a gypsy music group. The variety of acts always keeps me on my toes.

Are you a listener or supporter of public radio? What are your favorite shows?


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