Welcome to Campus Frequency!

My name is Kendall, and I have worked at KRUI, the University of Iowa’s college radio station, since the day I set foot on campus. I am currently a paid director there, and I love being a part of Iowa City’s “sound alternative.”

Campus Frequency will include reviews of albums and live performances in the Iowa City area, as well as articles about the process of running a college radio station. I also plan to share personal stories of my experience working at an entirely student-run radio station. There is a lot of material to cover, because college radio stations raise their own funds, create their own music charts, promote their local music scene, facilitate their own programming, and more.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

This blog was created by Kendall, a journalism and international studies major at the University of Iowa. She is a college radio director at KRUI & is the assistant producer of “Java Blend” at Iowa Public Radio. When she’s not on the radio, she is on a very tall ladder and changing the marquee at The Englert Theatre, or promoting the Mission Creek Music Festival. She is an avid writer and photographer and a lover of bicycling, books, tea, and art.

•Email: campusfrequency@gmail.com
•Twitter: @campusfrequency
•Facebook: facebook.com/kendallmccabe

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