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Farewell to College Radio? — A Blog Critique

College Radio

Farewell to college radio? Not so fast.

This week, whilst perusing the web, I stumbled across on article on Inside Higher Ed called “Confessions of a Community College Dean: College Radio.”

The writer gives a lot of great evidence as to why the world of college radio is changing. An abundance of new, online options for listening to music are available. The music industry has changed over time. Stations have migrated to creating online presences which, in the writer’s opinion, often go ignored.

And his argument is certainly valid. Continue reading

Budget Blues: College Radio in the Era of the Internet

Budget Blues

The Pros and Cons of Bummer Budgets

The past year has been a rocky one for state and national public radio in the United States. These popular stations have had to defend their funding and implement changes to catch up to the Internet age.

So, in a decade dominated by online music services like Pandora Radio, Grooveshark, Spotify, and (the ubiquitous) iTunes, what is the role of a student-run college radio station?

This is a question that all student-run radio stations must ask themselves constantly. I certainly don’t have the answer, but I invite you to join in the conversation in the comments section.

This fall, the general manager of our station wrote an editorial which ran in the local newspaper. Though the editorial was focused around the general difficulty of dealing with student government and gaining funds for the station, it also touched on some larger issues. Continue reading