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In-Studio Interviews: A How-To Guide

Bogart and Bacall

Not Exactly Indie Rock: An Armed Forces Radio Services broadcaster interviews Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall during WWII. I bet that interviewer was nervous!

An in-studio interview is just what it sounds like: an interview that occurs in the radio station’s studio. These interviews typically occur in the late afternoon, a few hours before an artist has a show in town. Sometimes artists will even perform live in the studio, which is a special treat for the interviewer and others involved.

The station I work at has been lucky enough to have John Vanderslice, Tim Kasher, Warren Haynes, Joe Pug, Los Campesinos, Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore (before they broke up), and many more! (For those interested, you can find our archived in-studio interviews here.)

So, how do you pull off an in-studio interview? I’ll show you!

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