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Expert Interview: Nathan Gould

This week I interviewed former general manager of KRUI 89.7 FM in Iowa City about his experiences working in college radio and his opinions on the industry’s future. Watch the video and find out what he had to say. If you’d like to ask any follow-up questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Dilemmas of a DJ: Songs Long Enough To Take A Bathroom Break During


If only the station had a bathroom this nice...

You’re DJing your midnight to 2 AM show on the Internet-only radio stream and, all of a sudden, nature calls.

What else is there to do than to put on a song (or two) on that’s absolutely long enough to get to the bathroom and back? In your panic, you scramble to the CD library, looking for the longest song you can find… Continue reading

Stingers: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

I am in the third year of co-hosting a radio show, and every year my co-host and I work ourselves up into a frenzied state over our stingers for the show.
For the uninitiated, I will provide you with the definition of a “stinger.”

Stinger (noun): a short sound clip used to divide sections of a radio program or podcast, also known as a sounder.

Are our stingers too long? Do they even make sense? What will these ten second sound clips ultimately say about our show? Why don’t we take our show seriously? Should our last show of the year be a show in which we only play our stingers, because we will have so many by then and they will be so awesome?

Continue reading

Station Structure 101

At this point, readers who have never worked at a college radio station might be wondering how a station is set up to accommodate hundreds of volunteer staffers.

Click image to enlarge, if you please.

I created this info-graphic to give you a basic idea of how stations operate. A varying number of departments are all overseen by a station’s general manager, who directs the station and reports to the university and its student government. Each director of a department puts in anywhere between 5 and 30+ hours of work each week to make sure the station continues to operate smoothly. Directors appoint smaller ongoing jobs to active volunteer staffers, who usually end up becoming directors themselves.

And thus the cycle of college radio goes on.

College Radio: A Presentation

Welcome to my blog! As my first order of business I created a “Prezi” presentation to give readers who may be unfamiliar with college radio a brief (and very visual) overview. Campus radio stations have many functions— they promote indie and local music, report on community news, and cover local sports.

Please click to view "Prezi" presentation.

Later this week, I’ll be discussing College Radio Day and some other exciting topics. I hope you’ll stick with me!